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Cigar Glamour gives you with beautiful photos & videos of glamourous girls smoking cigars. We concentrate on the "Glamour Smoking" aspect of the cigar fetish, which enhances a woman's sex appeal and natural beauty.

Our members area has downloadable photo sets and movies of fashion-style, lingerie, bikini, and topless girls smoking cigars. You will find beautiful blondes, brunettes and redheads smoking many different shapes and sizes of cigars.

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Many men enjoy seeing beautiful women smoking. Even in this prohibitive age it's not difficult to enjoy the sight of a sexy female enjoying a cigarette on the street or in a designated smoking area at a bar or workplace, and obviously on the internet. However, those of us with a cigar fetish who are fixated on watching a sexy woman wrap her lips lovingly around the end of a good cigar have it tough!

How many times have you actually seen a woman smoke a cigar in real life? It's a rare occurence for a woman to smoke a cigar in public, so is a haven for admirers of glamourous women who smoke cigars.

The Cigar Glamour ladies love their cigars, and they love it when you watch. Join them now!

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Victoria - Double Corona
March 24th 2014

Chloe Benson - Cigar Teen
February 12th 2014

Penelope - Cigar & Fur
January 31st 2014

Emma G - Cigar & Ballgown
January 20th 2014

Kate - Cigar & Polkadots
January 8th 2014

Lucy - Slim Cigar
December 27th 2013

Porscha's Long Cigar
December 16th 2013

Talia - Gloves & Cigar
December 4th 2013

Sapphire - Busty Cigar Babe
November 22nd 2013

Mellie D - Busty Cigar Babe
October 21st 2013

Michelle Hush - Small Cigar
October 9th 2013

Michelle Hush - Fat Cigar
September 27th 2013

Chloe - Big Cigar
September 16th 2013

Terri - Long Cigar
August 27th 2013

Mellie - Busty Cigar Girl
August 7th 2013

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Beki Smokes a Cigar HD
In this newly remastered video, now available in full 1080p HD, 18 year old Beki shows off her love of cigars. Looking very cute in her pigtails, Beki shows us how sexy a young woman can be with a cigar, even sneaking a few naughty inhales along the way. This is 9 minutes of pure sexy cigar pleasure for Beki and for you!
Added March 26th 2014

Chloe Benson - Cigar
Eighteen year old Chloe smokes her first ever cigar for us in this full HD video. A little unsure about how to smoke such a large cigar, Chloe puffs away like a champ and even tries inhaling, which she enjoys. Chloe's intense puffing covers the cigar in her red lipstick, and after a few minutes she really relaxes into it, lifting her top & slipping her boobs out of her bra, stroking them as she enjoys her cigar.
Added March 8th 2014

Penelope - Cigar & Fur
Penelope wears a fur coat and a lacy bra as she shares a cigar with you in this HD video. She talks about her cigar smoking habits, and even throws in a few naughty inhales, blowing her smoke in your face.
Added February 18th 2014

Talia - PVC & Cigar
Busty Talia smokes a nice large cigar for you in PVC
Added November 14th 2013

Msinhale's Thick Cuban Cigar
Msinhale is back, smoking a nice thick Cuban cigar for you in her lace dress.
Added November 4th 2013

Izzy Cigar and red lips
Izzy loves smoking cigars, she has brought a very long one with her for this video. It looks gorgeous between her glossy red lips and her exhales are nice and thick!
Added October 26th 2013